VCmaster Patch 2018.03



Installations-Requirements: Version 2018


Size: 12.2 MB


Date: 01/04/2018

We test our software extremely extensively. However, it is not possible to test all the constellation of situations that arise in practical work. In reality, the changes affect only a few lines of code in a code of several million lines. We therefore ask for your understanding.

Patch VCmaster 2018.03 (01/04/2018)

VCmaster: Minor amendments and enhancements in line with quality assurance.

Patch VCmaster 2018.02 (12/12/2017)

VCmaster (German version only): Some minor changes have been made especially a modification regarding the formatting of calculation lines when Search/Replace are used.

Patch VCmaster 2018.01 (23/10/2017)

VCmaster (German version only): The launch of the latest version of 2018 has almost been smoothly. Some minor changes have been made. Most of our concerns have probably not been recognized by most of our customers. Here is where our consequent quality management becomes apparent.